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I felt like drawing some nice clothes so I chose different Japanese street fashions for some of the kagepro girls! (click the pics to see what style they’re wearing)

I also based the designs off of images from google images so hopefully they’re the right style

now u get to see the improvements on my doodles

or maybe this redraw was just an excuse to draw ocs kissing goodbye

Me looking at the VLR characters for the first time: Hey Dio looks like a ringmaster is he from a circus or maybe hes like Snake cause he has fancy clothes like him

Me playing VLR for the first time: What the fuck dio (eh he cant be that bad)

Me getting Dio’s ending for the first time: WHAT THE FUCK DIO

Me before playing VLR for the first time: Ok, so the last time I trusted the nice and innocent looking people things end up bad so I should not trust those people

Me during the VLR character intros: Ok Luna seems supicious do not trust her

Me getting Luna’s ending first time: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


After 6 years of using this program I finally figured this out, so I decided to share the technique. IDK, it sure beats the “Use brush with no pen pressure to make a dot” type of thing.

The use of the vector layer comes with other nifty things like:

  • No decrease in quality while transforming
  • No 500px size limit
  • Playing with line thickness and distortion

So, I hope this comes in handy to a few of you!

You can make a Hexagon by using the Line Tool instead and turning the canvas 4 times each click. I’m sure you can do other things, but I haven’t figured those out yet.

I love cocoppa play cries

if you have an iphone and like cute stuff you should totally download it and play! 




June 24 - Futuristic Weaponry

My secret to art is that I don’t know what I’m doing 99% of the time.

This is the most awkward and the most helpful tutorial I have seen all day thank you.


i fell in deep with yamayachi